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Critical Illness Insurance

When illness strikes, you can strike back. If you experience a serious health condition in the future, critical illness coverage can help lighten the load.

Even with medical insurance, a serious health condition could cost you. Critical illness insurance can provide you with extra cash when you need it most—if you or a family member covered under this plan is treated for a major medical event (such as a heart attack or stroke) or diagnosed with a critical illness (such as cancer or end-stage renal disease).

You can learn more about this coverage here. Critical illness coverage has limitations and exclusions.

Choose Your Coverage Level

If you decide you want critical illness coverage, you may choose $10,000, $20,000, or $30,000 of coverage.

Things to Consider

When deciding whether to enroll in critical illness insurance, be sure to consider the following:

Cost per Paycheck
The cost of coverage is based on who you cover, age, tobacco status, and the level of coverage you elect. You’ll be able to see the cost per paycheck for all your options when you enroll through the Mr. Cooper Group Benefits Marketplace at www.mrcoopergroupbenefits.com.

Your and Your Family’s Needs
Does a serious health condition run in your family? Would you need financial help to offset the cost of a serious health situation? If you answered “yes” to either question, having critical illness insurance could give you peace of mind.

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