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The choices you make each day affect your health now and in the future. To help ensure you know how to get the most from your benefits and manage your health care wisely, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) provides a wide range of online tools and resources plus personalized service. It’s easy to understand why nearly one in three Americans choose a Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan. After you become a member, use your ID card to register for the secure member website, Blue Access for MembersSM. From there you can check your claim status, find doctors in your network and get detailed information about them, get cost information for many health services, order extra ID cards and much more. You also have access for a 24/7 Nurseline for help with health questions.

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Why us?

  • Large provider network. The BCBSTX networks include a range of independently contracted hospitals, doctors and other health care providers. And with BlueCard®, you have access to an established PPO network throughout the country. You also have access to care in more than 190 countries around the world.
  • Wellness your way. Find comprehensive wellness support when you need it. Whether you have a chronic health condition or just want to find ways to feel and look better, there is something for everyone. Take part in programs to help you quit smoking, lose weight or deal with stress. Join the Fitness Program, and get access to facilities nationwide. Many healthy activities even earn you points that can be redeemed in an online shopping mall.
  • Deals and discounts. Save money on fitness gear, family activities, healthy eating choices and more from local and national retailers. Get discounts on health and wellness products that are not usually covered by insurance.
  • Virtual visits. Whether you are at home or traveling, finding time to get to the doctor can be hard. Virtual visits let you get access to a board-certified doctor 24/7/365 for non-emergency issues and are a convenient option that may save you time and money. Doctors can treat allergies, asthma, nausea, cold, flu, pinkeye, ear problems and more. You also have access to therapists for behavioral health issues.
  • Customer Advocates are at your service. To help you get the most from your benefits, you can work with specially-trained staff that can help you compare costs at different providers, make an appointment, get required pre-certification, answer questions about your coverage and much more. This service may be helpful when you need to have a procedure, such as an MRI or CT scan. Save money and earn cash when you shop for certain medical procedures and services with Member Rewards.

Find out why Americans choose a Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan.

Access to a large, national provider network, wellness resources, discount and points programs, and great service are features you get when you sign up with Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

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Blue Access for MembersSM

As soon as you get your member ID card, you can log in to Blue Access for MembersSM, your online resource for managing your health care coverage.

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Benefits Value Advisors

As a member, you'll get a personalized customer service experience.

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Choose the right place for care

If you need medical care, but you aren’t having an emergency, understanding your options of where to go may save you time and money.

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Virtual visits

Instead of going to the office, you can have a virtual visit while at home, work or many other places. And, a virtual visit can cost less than going to the urgent care clinic or emergency room.

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Make It Yours To Go