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About us

EyeMed is driven to become the nation’s first choice for vision benefits and is focused on providing innovative vision benefit solutions you appreciate most so you can see life to the fullest. We offer the right mix of eye doctors and retail providers, the main reason 98% of EyeMed members use their benefits in network. EyeMed has something for everyone, from convenient hours and exclusive special offers, to eye care solutions even while abroad. And most of all, EyeMed makes vision benefits a carefree experience with innovative tools that redefine expectations. See why 96% of EyeMed members are satisfied with their benefits.

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Why us?

  • The provider network you want. With EyeMed, it’s easy to use your benefits where and when you want. Our network offers the right mix of independent eye doctors and an extensive selection of national and regional retail providers—along with online options. Plus, you get convenient evening and weekend hours and easy access to advanced exam and fit technologies. Our benefits offer flexible options, services and benefits, and tools and resources that reach you wherever you are, whenever you need us.
  • Savings only for members. EyeMed has exclusive special offers, directly from in-network providers and manufacturers, that help you save even more on glasses, lenses, contacts and other materials. The latest discounts and deals are just a click away on or through the EyeMed Members App. Take a peek at some of these exclusive offers: 40% off additional pairs, 20% off any balance above frame allowance, 30% off non-covered items like non-prescription sunglasses, 40% off hearing exams.
  • The latest innovations. We support you wherever you are whenever, with innovative tools and technology. Our industry-first EyeMed Member app is like a personal assistant—find an eye doctor, make an appointment, call up your ID card and eyewear prescription. And maximize your benefits with updates, reminders and tips using our new SMS text alerts. Just text EyeMed to 73529. Plus, your personal information is kept secure with best-in-class security.
  • Vision care—much more than vision correction. We focus on the overall wellbeing and care of your eyes, for vision correction, eye conditions and also to detect serious health conditions earlier. With a comprehensive eye exam, it’s possible to spot conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Learn more about the benefits of vision care and get expert eye advice at Eye Site On Wellness.
  • Taking care of you even when abroad. Anything can happen when you travel. Get these perks with our International Travel Solution: Online directory of trusted providers in 20 countries, temporary emergency glasses within 24 hours, 24/7 support with translation services in 160 languages, global eye care guide with answers to country-specific questions, "Snap and share" receipt upload replacing out-of-network claims. Call 1.513.765.2870. Eyewear emergencies know no boundaries.

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Whether you need glasses or can see just fine, vision benefits are a wise choice. They help you save money and keep an eye on your health.

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Shop with freedom in our vast and varied network, where your provider and frame choices are unmatched.


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